UNI T UT209A 1000A Digital Clamp Meters Frequency Measure Multimeter LCD Multifuction Ohm DMM DC AC Voltmeter AC Ammeter

clamps small, dc 371

Power Tester Clamps

Blue+black. 200-2k. 4000uf 400v. 3 * aaa battery(not included). 50v 1uf. 10a 60v. Dc:600ua/1000ua; ac:200a. 40a/400a  dc&ac. Dcv:2-1000v,acv:200-750v. 660hz/6.6khz/66khz/660khz/6.6mhz/66mhz. Ut200a :Cable clamp electrical. Feature 4: 

Clamp Audio

419.9 mv to 600 v. Measurement range : Wholesale electric hole saw. :2 x 1.5v (aaa battery) (not included). 14 x47 mm. Display frequency meter. 14 x 47mm. 20 / 200a / 1000a. Maxexpand of the pincers: Suitable for: 20*15*10. Auto digital voltmeter. 10pf to 6000uf. 4/40/400/600v(ac). Ac current (a): 60a/600a. Acv, aca, dcv, dca, resistance, frequency, diode, continuity. Testers meter megohmmeter

Acm02 Digital Clamp

600ua---600a. 20ma to 65a. Display type: 39mm clamp. Ohm meter display. Dcm60r. 205mmx102mmx58mm. 28mm 35mm 45mm. Bulb clamps. Multimeter victor 86c. 600v fet. Approx.570g. 30a/ 300a/ 3000a. Pmax:2 clamp. Ground rod tester. 

Clamp Ac Current

20 - 2000m ohm. Electric measure. Ms2000g. 6000 counts. 50mm/2.0". 4nf / 40nf / 400nf / 4?f / 40?fW test. Uni-t ut210a. Ac voltage (v): 600v (1.5%+5) dc voltage (v): 600v (1%+3). 4v/40v/400v/600v. 40nf/400nf/4?f/40?f/400?f/4000?f. 200kohm +-1.0%. Current testers. Measuring current range:	: 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20mohm. 

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My name is Simon Rohrich. self made polymath.
I drink deeply from the cup of life.
I have founded companies and invented technologies and methods that are changing
the world in which we live.
I practice MMA in armor
and am a Knight of the United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon_Rohrich
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The tournament this weekend will be the one year “skulliversary” of a quarter size piece of bone being driven into my brain by a two handed axe (the one on the left) My friends took about an hour to start pumping out memes and carving pumpkins. To be fair, they thought it was minor because I walked to the stretcher just fine. The axe in head picture was my Halloween costume a few days after I was hit. I recovered and started the long road back to fitness to fight again. This weekend,  I took home the gold medal in pole arm and silver in 5 vs 5. Video of that injury below.